Design & Development

Every website we build is completely custom — from the ground up. We do not have a pre-defined website package that we deploy to our customers, nor do we use templates. This means that from the early stages of development you call the shots. The sky is the limit, without boundaries or restrictions. If it can be done, we can do it. We're web professionals and have the knowledge and experience to get it done. In fact, chances are we've done it before.

Some of the standards we follow on every website we build at Syracuse Design:

Responsive Design — simply put, this means that all visitors' experiences should be the same regardless of what size screen or type of device they are using. In many industries more than 50 percent of a site's traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets – your website should provide the same engagement for all your visitors.

Content Management System (CMS) — Every site launch is equipped with a CMS capable of providing our client with the ability to edit text, insert images, upload files, manage scrolling carousels, adding/deleting pages, links, adding videos and many, many more capabilities.

Thoroughly Tested — Prior to making a site live, it is tested to insure that all visitors will see the site as it is intended, regardless of what browser or platform they are using. 

Smartest Tools — Our Smartest Tools policy means that we will always use the latest, proven tool to complete any task. The web changes quickly, so it doesn't make much sense to deploy an older tool when the newer version will keep the website relevant farther into the future. This approach means your website will be more reliable, load faster and rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP)

Experience — With a collective total of more than 50 years developing websites and online marketing successes, our team doesn't just take orders. You get the full benefit of our experience and we bring it all along during the planning, development and launch.

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Every person and company has their own story to tell – sometimes, they just need help getting it out there. At SDG, we want everybody to have a memorable and unique online presence that helps them communicate their message. Get in touch with us today and let us help you tell your story!


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